XCA2 - Coordinated and demonstration simulations

This cross-cutting activity (XCA) will coordinate the simulations necessary for ensuring the science performance of newly developed processes (from core theme 1 – CT1) and the process coupling and interactions (CT2) are well evaluated (XCA1) and the impacts of the new feedbacks assessed (XCA3). These simulations will be based on existing protocols from CMIP6, with developments where required to enable newly interactive components to be either run in emission-driven mode for CO2, CH4 and Nitrogen cycle or with interactive ice sheets.

Our ultimate goal is to design frontier simulations to showcase the new coupled capability developed by ESM2025.




XCA Leader

Fiona O'Connor​

Fiona O'Connor

Met Office Fellow and Scientific Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre - Exeter (UK)​

I am a physicist by training and work as an atmospheric composition research scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, where I contribute to the development of the atmospheric composition component of the UK’s Earth System Model, UKESM. UKESM is applied to investigate the interactions between atmospheric composition and climate, i.e., how changes in emissions from anthropogenic activity, for example, impact on composition and climate, but also how changes in climate might impact on atmospheric composition and air quality.

In ESM2025

I lead cross-cuttin activity 2, et co-lead WP4/5.