ESM2025 commits to improving climate change education and awareness in line with Article 12 of the Paris Agreement

We promote the development of innovative climate education, producing new teaching and professional development resources for teachers, teacher trainers, and young people.

Our Early-Career scientists are strongly encouraged and accompanied to engage in all education activities and to contribute to raising public awareness of our research findings.

We believe climate education is crucial to foster critical thinking and informed change towards a low-carbon life, and thus towards a low-carbon world.




Educational resources

Educational resources on climate change and modelling for primary and secondary school teachers (and teacher trainers).

Climate Education Summer Universities

Two Climate Education Summer Universities (CESU) will be organised in 2022 and 2024. Each CESU will consist of a week-long series of workshops for primary and secondary school teachers and teacher trainers covering a wide variety of topics around climate change.
Both education experts and scientists (especially early-career researchers) will be engaged to conduct hands-on workshops based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, including as much as possible our own findings in the scope of this project.