WP 15 - Education and Vocational training

In line with Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, in this work package (WP) we are developing novel climate-related educational support, teaching and training targeting teachers and the younger public. We are developing educational materials (lessons, multimedia animations, videos…) for primary and secondary schools on climate change with a specific focus on Earth system models. We will also organise a “Climathon” allowing students to design and implement concrete adaptation or mitigation actions and two “Climate Education Summer Universities” (CESU) targeting teachers and teacher trainers. Finally, we will also coordinate with WP14 for the dissemination of the outcomes of the project among the general public and policy makers.

First and foremost, education has the power to keep prejudice, ideology and irrational thinking from permeating the world view of younger generations. Education also prepares them to make informed changes with a view to living low-carbon lifestyles and thereby contribute to a low-carbon world. The objectives of this WP are: 1) To foster a better understanding of the concepts underlying climate models, climate projections and Earth system science through the development of educational materials targeting the younger public (primary and secondary schools), teachers and teacher trainers; 2) To provide teachers and teacher trainers with professional development opportunities in the field of climate change education; and 3) To encourage collaboration between educators and scientists.

Intitutions involved: The Office for Climate Education is in charge of the coordination of this work package, the production of educational materials, and the organisation of the various events (climathon, summer universities). Météo-France provides scientific expertise for the production of educational materials and teacher training, as well as operational support for the organisation of the 2 CESU sessions in their facilities. The University of Leeds will provide scientific expertise in the production of educational materials and teacher training.

WP15 Leaders

Jessica Vial

Climate Officer - Office for Climate Education

Micol Picasso

Operations Manager - Office For Climate Education

WP15 Milestones & Deliverables

MS15.1 – 31 March 2022

List and selection of teachers and early career scientist participating to the first Climate Education Summer University (CESU1)

D15.1 – 31 July 2022

First session of the Climate education summer university

MS15.2 – 31 July 2022

First draft of the Teacher handbook, to be presented to teachers and teacher trainers during the CESU1

MS15.3 – 31 October 2023

List and selection of relevant primary and/or secondary classes contributing to the “Climathon”

MS15.4 – 31 December 2023

List and selection of teachers and early career scientist participating to the second Climate Education Summer University (CESU2)

MS15.5 – 28 February 2024

Organisation of a Climathon

D15.2 – 31 May 2024

Short video clips and multimedia animation (mini-climate model) available on the project website

D15.3 – 31 July 2024

Second session of the Climate education summer university

D15.4 – 31 July 2024

Teacher handbook on global change and Earth system modelling

D15.5 – 31 November 2024

Methodological guide for implementing a “climathon” in other schools and countries

D15.6 – 31 May 2025

Short manual on Earth system modelling for the professional development of high school teachers

D15.7 – 31 May 2025

Final set of materials of the CESU (teachers’ training programs) made available on the project website