Key messages

For General public, ONGs and the Media

ESM2025 is a European research project aimed at improving our understanding of our planet and how it responds to disturbances by human activities, particularly related to climate change.




  1. ESM2025 is building a new generation of sophisticated computer models that describe the laws of physics, chemistry and biology of our planet. These new models are known as Earth System Models, or ESMs, and aim to provide more accurate and robust projections of future climate change and its impacts than is currently the case.

  2. In ESM2025, scientists partner with society and policymakers to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

  3. To foster broader understanding of the science of climate change and possible solutions, ESM2025 will provide innovative climate education opportunities and communication resources for European students and citizens.


The structure of the project has been designed logically, from fundamental research (component development, process parameterisation, couplings) to interactions with the integrated assessment modeling community, and to outreach and knowledge exchange. Project activities are divided into 4 main work areas (Core Themes – CTs) ranging from scientific activities (CT1, CT2, CT3) to knowledge exchange and outreach (CT4).

Project team

ESM2025 relies on an international team of 19 European institutes and an Australian university. The team is composed of Earth system scientists and model developers, experts in machine learning for ESM analysis and data-driven hybrid modelling, model evaluation and feedback analysis, as well as specialists in climate education and science-policy dialogue.