Green energy and technology / Interdisciplinary cooperation around core theme

Kjerrgarden - NORWAY

Fauskanger barne- og ungdomsskole


For the kids, an in depth project about exploring different technologies and sources of sustainable energy. 

For the teachers, a modular approach to interdisciplinary cooperation around core themes, in this case “sustainable environment” and “democratic mechanisms and citizenship”.  

In many larger projects teachers of different disciplines will be forced to participate, sometimes in direct conflict with already planned lessons or similar pressed and stressed situations. What we want is to have a modular approach where science (biology, chemistry, physics) is the red thread, but the other disciplines can latch on to make an evolving and ever growing larger project on the subject. Arts can be involved to make more complex 3d models. Social science can focus on democratic processes and how we as voting people can involve and change things. For each discipline participating the project grows and the students get a deeper understanding and can explore the theme in greater depth.