Multidisciplinary approach of environmental education


Myrto Nerantzi


Implementing different activities and projects of interdisciplinary teaching to enhance students’ understanding of crucial environmental issues.

STEM-Integrated Environmental Education: Video Presentation

STEM-integrated approach to environmental education implemented in an English class. This video shows how they blent scientific concepts with language learning to create a comprehensive educational experience for their students.

Project on Carbon Footprint of School Transportation 

This project aims to assess and reduce the carbon footprint of their school transportation system. Students are leading the initiative, collecting and analyzing data from families to propose sustainable transportation options. The detailed results and recommendations are shared by the end of the school year.

Interactive Learning: Greenhouse Effect Simulation Game 

One of the key projects involved creating an educational game with students to simulate the greenhouse effect. This interactive game helps students visualize and understand how greenhouse gases trap heat, contributing to global warming.