Climate education lesson plans and projects

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Elisabeth Kipra


Activities with 10-year-old students

Discussion on Climate Change:

  • Created a mind map on the board with words related to climate change.
  • Discussed the impact of climate change with examples from real-life events like fires, floods, and heatwaves.

Educational Content:

  • Studied pages 33-38 of the book “Climate Change and Emerging Lands” to differentiate between climate and weather.
  • Page 45 helped understand the origin of climate change, emphasizing human activities.

Experimentation and Practical Learning:

  • Conducted an experiment from page 46 of the book to understand global warming.
  • Discussed human activities contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Understanding Glacial Melting:

  • Used the book “Ocean and Cryosphere” (pages 48, 51, 54) to observe glacier melting.
  • Conducted experiments to understand the impact of snow melting on sea levels.

Carbon and Energy:

  • Addressed carbon emissions through combustion, energy use, and human activities.
  • Discussed transportation, food sourcing, and daily activities measured in carbon emissions.

Interactive Learning:

  • Tracked the journey of a banana from Ecuador to Greece.
  • Created an “ecological alphabet” to replace harmful habits with eco-friendly ones.
  • Participated in the “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” relay race for climate change awareness.
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Activities with 6-year-old students

Introduction to Climate Change:
  • Used drawings to approach the topic of global warming.
Recycling and Environmental Care:
  • Taught recycling.
  • Made bird feeders.
Tree Planting Project: Film Project: These activities collectively aimed to educate students on climate change, the importance of environmental conservation, and practical steps they can take to mitigate their impact on the planet.

Activities with 10-year-old Students